1. Academic units shall integrate gender and development concepts into their respective curriculum.
  2. Academic units shall utilize gender-sensitive and responsive teaching-learning activities and ensure that learning outcomes in their program curricula are gender sensitive.
  3. The academic units shall use gender-fair language in the curriculum in all transactions and avoid gender stereotyping and discriminatory portrayal of women and girls, and persons with diverse SOGIE. In pursuance of this, the academic unit shall not discriminate persons with diverse SOGIEs.
  4. Discrimination against pregnant unmarried women is not allowed. They shall not be expelled, dismissed or suspended on the grounds of pregnancy outside of marriage during the school term.
  5. The academic unit shall require the student council and all accredited organizations to come out with gender sensitive or -responsive activities.
  6. The academic units through the GFPS shall provide GAD capacity development to all employees, students and other stakeholders.
  7. The academic units shall continuously review specific mandates/laws on women such as gynecological leave and extended maternity leave.
  8. The academic units shall ensure that the syllabi and instructional materials are gender-responsive.
  9. The academic units shall ensure that the designs of its buildings and facilities are gender sensitive/responsive with the inclusion of gender-neutral toilets/ PWD toilets and lactation rooms.
  10. There shall be a GAD Committee in each college composed of the following:
  • Dean as Chair
  • Assistant Dean
  • Program Heads
  • Extension Coordinator
  • Research Coordinator
  • Student Council Governor
  • PTA President